Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hate is not the answer

How the hell is it still acceptable for people to hate on and be afraid of the LGBT community?!? Didn't the big guy upstairs want us to love and be loved, no matter what?

Here's the petition that brought that up.

Yes, I know I'm probably gonna get blasted by folks who don't believe the same way I do, but so what? I know and accept that you believe that gays, lesbians, bis, and transexuals are all going to go to hell just for being attracted to others of the same gender and not feeling comfortable in the gender they were born in. But you know what? Love. Is. Love. Doesn't God want us to be happy and love each other? Fuck yeah, He does. In my opinion, if anyone's gonna go to hell, it's going to be the folks who are afraid of the simple fact that they love each other. They're just like the hetero community, folks!

Anyway, Peace out, my freaks!


Rio Donovoyn said...

I fully agree!
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

Anonymous said...

We may look different, speak in different languages, but we're all on this earth and we're all human beings. We should be living together and not against each other. Totally agree with you Nacho and I'm glad you brought this issue up.

-Emi (axlfoley)

Anonymous said...

Nacho I applaud you. Great blog post and I'm in agreement with you. Too bad not very many people feel the same way right?


Kat Knits! said...

Yup! Sadly though... Some folks are just too small minded to see that. All they see is that someone is different from them somehow and that frightens them all to heck. Hell, I've really only come out as bi to one of my coworkers, and that was cause I'm a lil more comfortable with telling her than I would be telling my born again christian coworker.