Monday, July 9, 2012

Radnom pictures of a cemetary, current knitting and Avengers cups

Yes, you heard that title right, I've got cemetery pictures! Plus current knitting and Avengers cups!

 First off though, I've got pics of my new bike! Well, new to me anyway. I picked him up used at Coles Bike Shop in Carlisle, Pa. Good shop, and I definitely recommend them for bike repairs if you're in the area. I've taken my bikes to them for repairs ever since I started working, first because they were the only shop I remembered being in the area from when I was younger (Folks took my trike there once, and I remembered it ever since. Wierd, huh?) and kept coming 'cause they're just that damn good. The last bike I took in to get repaired/fixed up was a NEXT bike and I already knew it would take a bit of money to fix up there, and the one lady I talked to said it would wind up costing over $200 for a completly new back tire (one on it was bent just enought to telescope through the chain into the pedals and hit the back brake, which needed replaced too.), and the front tire was dry rotted and would need replaced. Forget off hand what-all else she said would need repaired/replaced, but that it wouldn't be worth it for what was a free bike. *sighs* Oh well... Talked to the coworker who found it for me to see if the guy she got it from would take it back. Anyway, on to the photos!

This is babyboy. And yes, I name my bikes. Always have. Why? *shrugs* Probably because I tend to ride them til they die. Sadly, I'm not kidding... The bike I had before lilguy (the NEXT bike) wore out on me during the summer, and it took me awhile til I got a new one (lilguy).

Current knitting!

It's about time I posted my knitting on here, huh? I've been on a bit of a cowl kick lately, although I've only got two knitted up, and one on the needles, which is the only one I have a picture of right now.

This is the beginnings of a cabled cowl, just your average two by two ribbing. I cast on for it yesterday, wound up frogging, and recasting on at work. (Which garnered a couple questions from my non knitting coworkers, mainly along the lines of what I'm making. Always fun, that.)

Avengers cups!!!

Yes, I happen to like this movie. And yes, I'm a Clint Barton and Natasha fan. Saw this movie in the theater a bit before its run ended. My favorite parts? Hulk punching Thor, and beating the bejesus outta Loki and at the end, looking at him and saying 'Puny God.' Yes, I laughed. Out loud. And yes, I'm easily amused.

Cemetery pictures!!!

I took these after we had a nice thunderstorm clear out the worst of Satan's armpit Saturday afternoon/evening. The cemetery's Seven Gables, if I remember correctly. I'll have to check again.

The mist coming off one of the roads bordering the cemetery.

The view from one of the 'entrances'.
The skull? Trick of the angle of view. See below for the same headstone full on.

This is one of a few headstones with a figure on that I like.
Kind of blurry, I know, but there's a better shot below.

The Bosler headstone. The library here's named after the family.

Kind of lousy, mainly 'cause I was going through when the sun was going down.

For some reason, this statue creeps me out. I got a weird vibe off it when I was photographing it, too.

I don't know if it was because of the upside down pentacle or what.

Alright, that's all for now. I'll post more of the photos I took sometime this week, along with pics of the other cowls I've knit.

Tchuss, my freaks!

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