Monday, July 30, 2012


Don't ever go to work when you only have an hour's worth of dozing under your belf instead of sleep. Not. Fun. Did that today... Ugh. Not gonna do it again.


Rio Donovoyn said...

lol. Trust me, I did it this morning. I have the WORST headache.

Kat Knits! said...

Ugh. Not fun, is it? Had Monday's follow me into Tuesday, and took off today to sleep it off. Well... I managed to sleep a lot of it off. What did I get in return? My back being all painfull and spasming in pain. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Rio Donovoyn said...

My back does that if I lay in bed for too long. Fuck that shit... lol!
My mind is active, but my body is tired. I'm asleep, but I'm awake.