Friday, July 20, 2012

Weird ways to find my blog

I've been keeping an eye on how readers have been finding my blog and so far, the oddest search term that's somehow led to my blog is... Avengers party cup ideas. How that led here is anybody's guess... Well, besides the picture and part of a post of the cups I had posted a bit ago. Other ones I've found weird that have led here: crochet star trek baby blanket, and caution bipolar bitch. Why? Boggles me, but hey, as long as it leads here, why worry? Plus, it provides me some amusement when I see them. And yes, keep the odd search terms coming, kids!!!

Now, for some random pictures from the internet, Avengers edition!

Loved the scene where Thor and Tony were beating the everloving sh!t out of each other. Why? It's just funny as hell to me. Almost as funny as Hulk thrashing Loki... And Hulk punghing Thor... Why? Buggerall if I know. I just do. And yes, I'm odd. I don't care!

Would I reccomend seeing this on DVD? HELLS YES!!!!!! If only for the Hulk beating on DemiGod scenes. Oh, and Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye/Clint Barton. Fuckin' sexy.

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