Thursday, November 5, 2015

     Oh lookee here, two regular posts in a week! What a shocker, huh?

     The interview on Wednesday went pretty well, aside from me accidentally knocking over her coffee . Barring any other jobs coming up, she'll be hiring me. *crosses fingers*

     In Blogland news, I've added a list of Amazon wishlist links, of which two are relevant to here and my YouTube channel. The Knitting stuff list has Vogue knitting stitchoneries that look really freakin' cool and would help shove my knitting to where I want to take it, along with a few other knitting related books. YouTube Needs has a computer much more suited to running the software and such that I need to properly edit together my YouTube videos. It also has a back-up hard drive, film editing software, books and cameras specifically for use in the car. I don't expect anyone to splurge on the lists, but it would certainly be a pleasant surprise if anyone in Blogland/YouTube decided to invest in that part instead of becoming a Patron. Feel free to see what I'm lusting after, and if something interests you, get it!

     Family healthwise, we've got another case of cancer in the house. Not mom this time. She's feeling much more like herself now that's she a couple months out from the end of her radiation treatments. Bruce was diagnosed with stage 3 Prostate cancer, the same cr@p that killed Uncle Phil. We found out after the doc got the results of a test that we'd finally nagged him into taking since his PSA levels have been elevated for... Frack, years, and him getting up at least 3-4 times a night to piss. Hopefully, he'll continue to listen to our nagging and actually get the flipping treatments.

     Anyway, that all for now, dearies. I'll be talking to you a little later. Also, ideas for future videos are always welcomed. Even if I gotta drag mom in on it.

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