Friday, November 6, 2015

Oh for Frag's sake!

     What is it that's said about trouble? That it comes in threes? Well, that's certainly happened here at Casa Devonshire.

Why do I say that?

     The laptop I got at WalAss that mom's been using has officially been called in as KIA by our ISP's tech guys. It originally died on us while my desktop was in to get Windows 10* uninstalled and our original OS reinstalled. They originally thought it was just the monitor that conked out, and spent a few weeks going back and forth with the company they got a new one from about when it was going to be delivered. Well, turns out it wasn't the monitor. Next suspect was the motherboard (what killed Draco the first.), but that got ruled out when they tried it out. Bruce got a voicemail to tell us on Wednesday that the laptop is kaput. So, we're back in the market for a new laptop while we share the desktop. Probably going to go with one from Target. I'll probably post what we're looking at to get feedback, and I'll be looking for one that I can use for on-the-road video editing. If anyone has suggestions, post away in the comments!
     *- I could go further into the Windows 10 issues, but there's enough there for a post of its own, albeit possibly NSFW due swearing. Quick gist is I'm not entirely thrilled with W10, and don't plan on upgrading the desktop.

On to the knits!

     I know I didn't have any in the last post, but not for lack of knitting, albeit on a knitting loom.

     Yup, this is the loom knit. I used the smallest hat loom I have to work this up and a 9 mm to do up the ends to form the cowl. I'll get photos of it being modeled in the next couple days to show you. It's the same yarn I used to make mom's loom scarf in  Tuesday's post. It's been raved over by both mom and a fellow knitter at Giant as being pretty soft for an acrylic with a reflective strip plied in. I'm planning on including this in the inaugural knits video I put up on my YouTube channel. It'll probably also become one of the $20 level rewards on my Patreon as well.

      I haven't made much progress on this since the last time it was featured, maybe half an inch if that. I'm definitely loving how the yarn's knitting up into a nice light, warm fabric that, even without the double moss stitch I'm using, is visually interesting.

     On a somewhat related note, I'm still kind of surprised by how many people will stop by the table to admire what I'm working on when I'm knitting in Giant. I'm usually in for a few hours in the evening to work on projects, write up blog drafts, and get away from Bruce's toxic atmosphere. I like it because it's got a seating area that's nicely decorated, a damn good coffee shop and I don't get as many odd looks for the knitting or taking pictures of said knitting, or even having a couple projects, a notebook and a camera out. It's also fairly close to home, so I can walk or bike there fairly quickly. The only downside, which is true of most public places, is the odd screaming kid or crying baby. And I've noticed that I'm not the only person using it for non-eating purposes, because there's a craft group in on the second or third Tuesday of the month, a chess group in on Thursdays and Fridays, and an older gent who's doing internet research most nights. I've also met one of mom's bosses here a couple times to teach her to knit, though I'm going to have to set that up as a weekly thing to keep her skills up and have at least one guaranteed night where there'll be progress on her knitting. Also, it'll be good to have one night a week where I'll have to get out of the house, whether or not I've still got things to do for my YouTube channel. I'm going to start considering that a job, since I do want to get more serious about both the quality of the videos I put out and the content showing both the crafty stuff and the non-fiber side of life here. It'll also help with getting me more comfortable with talking to people who aren't family or people I've known for awhile. (There is a slightly funny story that I'll have to share about freezing up during a presentation in class.)

     My blog notebook if you're curious. It's nothing particularly fancy, because it's usually shoved in my knitbag most of the time, and I don't want to draw attention to it. And to be honest, I prefer to write out a draft longhand to get a handle on what I'm going to say and in what order. It also helps to plot out where I'm going to put photos and roughly how many I'll have in the post. To tie into what I was saying earlier, I like to get out of the house to do the drafts, because there isn't as much net-related distraction, and I don't have to worry about Bruce wandering around and disapproving. But that'll be yet another post of its own on another day.

     And since this has filled nearly 6 full notebook pages, I'll see you next post, dearies!

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