Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blog poll fun!

       I'm going to be posting more polls to let you folks have more of a say in what gets posted on the blog. The next one will most likely be about what you'd like to see more of in the upcoming year. But rest assured, dear knitter readers, I'll be posting more of my knitting in progress, and heading to giant to take photos of it sans family distractions. I'm also planning on cutting back the 'around-the-town' photos back to twice a week.
      And if you're curious about what happened to the Patreon, I switched it to patron so I can revamp the rewards and goals some. The levels where you'd be getting the physical rewards will be higher, to both support the blog and to cover shipping of the rewards. Also, there will still be a basic level that allows you access to the patron only posts where you'd see some pre-edited photos, updates on what's going on outside what I'm sharing on the blog, and the like. 
Anyway, Tchüß, dearies!

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