Tuesday, January 12, 2016


       Really starting to think I need to get over to Giant to start knitting and drafting blog posts again. But I don't want to keep bumming money off mom to buy the coffee drinks I'm so addicted to. Yes, I'm a coffee addict. Especially if it's white chocolate flavored, or Pumpkin spice or peppermint lattes. So, I'm going to be getting the Patreon back up with hopefully better reward levels, and regular updates.

       Is anyone else playing the Powerball lottery? Well, mom and I have, since it's up to $1.5 billion the last time we checked. I'll tell you what, if we won, the bills would be completely paid off along with the house, and both the house and car would be completely repaired. Mom would also retire from where she's working. Mostly because of issues with the new management. May go into that in a future post, providing mom gives me permission. 

       In family health news, mom's been to physical therapy for the limited range of motion and pain in her right arm since her surgery, and it's helped a lot. Her range of motion increased a lot at the first session, which helped boost her spirits quite a bit. 
       Bruce went in for the pre-radiation stuff today at Carlisle Regional Medical Center's Cancer Center, and holy. Shit. What a difference from Ortenzio Cancer Center. They still hadn't had a schedule up for his radiation treatments at the cancer center, whereas the folks in Ortenzio had a schedule up for mom, at her pre-radiation set-up, so she could show her workplace when she'd be going in for her treatments. So, the lack of schedule for him to show her higher-ups is stressing her out. 
       Also, small update on the posts: I'm going to be adding pictures somewhere in the post so I can get it posted on Pinterest. And I'll add my Pinterest link to how you can get follow me.

Anyway, that's all for today!

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