Saturday, January 9, 2016

Recent knitting!

       Nothing like having a sock jag and a mild case of startitis when winter decides to  try kicking in. I've currently got two separate pairs of socks on the go, along with a scarf for mom that I'm actively working on.

       Both of these are actually for mom, since the cold weather aggravates her arthritis. It's an added bonus that she likes showing off what I make her at work, since the self-checkouts are right near the exit doors.

        This is actually quite a bit bigger now, since I was knitting on it a bit in the car while we went a couple places yesterday. Mom's been asking for hand-knit socks for a while, and really liked the yarn when I retrieved it from the stash.

        Nothing particularly fancy, since a lot of the stash acquisition was done at Micheal's or A.C. Moore. But there really isn't that much choice in town besides the Hancock Fabrics that moved in last year.

        This is the (so far) only case of Startitis that I've acted on, mainly because the weather and after-effects of last years surgeries have been aggravating the arthritis in mom's neck more lately. (Yes, she's taking care of the surgery related stiffness in her arm, and that was one of the things we were running around taking care of yesterday. And the Therapist liked the sock I was working on while I was in with mom. And I think I've confirmed to mom that I will knit anywhere I can, given the opportunity.) The yarn's Red Heart Collage, the colourway of which I don't remember right off-hand. It's the remainder of an earlier scarf project, and something mom picked out when we were in AC Moore last year.

Woolly mitts

Fun acrylic mitts

        I made these a while ago to go over store-bought gloves. I don't remember what brands either yarn is, but the black is a nice semi-squishy woolen worsted weight, and the bottom an acrylic light bulky weight yarn. And yes, those really are cross pendants on the second pair. I have a slight penchant for adding decorations to my knitting, just to add a bit of flare to them.

       I'll have more photos of the WIPs for you guys and gals tomorrow, along with the socks I'm making for myself, and a couple chokers and finished pair of socks I made for myself.

Tchüss, Dearies

What was I listening to as I drafted and typed this post up? 

Both are an hour long, and pretty good for having on while cleaning, gaming, or doing anything else you need an extra jolt of energy for.

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