Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Holy schiesse, fire!

       Thankfully, not at Casa Devonshire, but darn close! A house a few doors down had their bbq (I think) tip over and catch the gas cans and grass on fire. Mom heard the popping from the cans, looked outside and got my attention by going 'Oh my god, they're on fire!', at which point, I grabbed my phone and rushed out to get the address while dialling 911 (our local emergency number). While I was talking to the operator on the cell, mom used our landline to report it. (Yes, we all have cell phones, but we kept our landline as a just in case.) We were panicky mostly because of the chance it could spread down the duplexes to our home, and partly because the folks are furbaby parents as well (two pups and a kitty who apperently doesn't like being an indoor kitty).

      As for the tablet and case? So far, the tablet's working pretty well. I took it with us when mom and I took Bruce to get his first radiation treatment for his protate cancer. Only problem was not being able to connect to the wifi at the cancer center, but that could have been because of a combo of non tech savviness on my part, learning an android system, and maybe a glitch in the system somewhere. But I've got games and such downloading for tomorrow for mom to get used to using a tablet. She's used to using a touchscreen at work, so that part won't be as much of a challenge. It'll probably be the scrolling and switching between screens bit that causes most of the challenge for her til she gets used to it. Thankfully, she's a quick learner.
       The case though... I'm not so thrilled with it. The keyboard's a tad... Clunky as far as how much pressure I have to use on it just to get it to register what I'm trying to type. And it's certainly smaller than what I'm used to on both the laptops and desktops I've used. Heck, even the Amazon Basics keyboard's keys aren't as small, and respond better on a lighter touch. And I actually don't spend as much time going back to correct typos, no matter how fast I type. But considering the price, I really shouldn't be surprised, eh?

Well, that's all for updates for now, dearies!

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