Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year Resolutions, 2016 take

       Yep, it's that time of year again! Time for making resolutions to change some part of your life you don't like, or that are needed. Of course, there's always the risk of breaking them by the second week of January, but it's worth taking a good look, hm?

       For this year, I'm keeping it fairly simple.

  • Get out and walk more. Why? Since I got laid off, I've been putting the weight back on, mostly because I haven't been walking nearly as much as I had been at work, and eating way more than I really should. So, I'm going to get out two to three days a week and walk for at least half an hour, even if I have to use the pretext of getting photos for the blog. That usually ends up taking a couple hours if mom and I are out together, given that we're both taking photos, me for here, her for her Facebook page.
  • Get employed. I need to get some income coming in to help with bills and to get stuff I want instead of burdening the folks. Plus, it'd mean some better quality outfit shots for the blog.
  • Post daily. Even if it's a few pictures, just to prove I'm still alive.
  • Actively use the composition book I bought to journal in like I intended to when I got it in Whistlestop Books. I can't let my own negativity get the better of me and spill over onto my Facebook page and here. It's not fair to you to deal with my negativity vomit.
  • Work on cleaning out a dedicated work space for the blog and my YouTube channel. It won't be all in one huge marathon, but several 20 minute or so blocks through the day. It isn't worth it to drive myself nuts trying to do it all at once and neglect everything else.
  • My final resolution is to get the current projects off the needles before I start any new ones. The only real exception will be socks, both because they're portable and fairly quick, and because I'd much rather have socks that last longer than the commercially available ones. Plus, the handknits are easier to customize to my foot size, more comfortable, and I can pick the colors I want in them.
       That's it for my resolutions this year, dearies. Do you make some for yourself, and if so, what are they?

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